Offers & Renewal

You might receive advertising anniversary percentages through MyCardStatement’s login portal if you belonged to a certain type of transaction or a certain type of credit account. There may be a time limit on the validity period of the promotional price.


All relevant promotional prices, the recurring prices, and the duration requested by customers will be shown on a sales letter or account opening statement. To be eligible for an exclusive offer, you must comply with the offer limitations and the official Terms of Service of MyCardStatement.

It is the responsibility of all employees to acknowledge the extension of the card and its cancellation. The validity of the card is indicated on the front side of the card. Before canceling the current card, we will evaluate or replace the card unless the account has been canceled by the user or us, or the account will be invalid when it expires.

Taking the time to review your credit card statements can help you make smart business decisions. A cardholder can track credit card expenses, make fees and interest payments, and report errors with My Card Statement. Furthermore, the declaration provides the name, date, time, and total value of the foundation.


The convenience of regular credit card billing with an easy-to-use design is excellent. During a specific accounting period, the cardholder can utilize the interest charged on the card to pay the identified finance charges. In any case, the authorized user agrees to release us from this responsibility and from the cost associated with this failure to comply with the official obligation or refusing to pay if they use an additional card at

Cardholders are responsible for the official My Card Statement login portal for all charges incurred by cardholders and additional cards specified in the My Card Statement login account. An authorized user using a primary cardholder’s account is not responsible for obligations incurred by the original cardholder.