Frequent Queries

MyCardStatement provides several convenient and user-friendly tools and functions. It does not require a re-registration or manual configuration of existing notifications. Additionally, cardholders don’t have to re-enter payment info.


Any cardholder who has questions about how to access the login portal to see MyCardStatement can contact official customer service at any time. Here are some detailed answers to some of the most common questions account holders ask.

What can I do to protect my card better?

You should treat your credit card like cash. Never give your credit card number to a third party. Don’t tell anyone your PIN code. You should always verify the authenticity of online and telephone merchants before you provide your card number. Emailing your credit or debit card number to anyone over the Internet is never a good idea, even if they offer you money or prizes. In the event that you think your account has been compromised or someone else has obtained your card information, you should contact Customer Service right away.

Is MyCardStatement secure?

Yes. Logging into the official website is secure due to its protection from various security measures against hackers and intruders.

What should I do if I experience problems logging into the MyCardStatement website?

The cardholder should contact the bank for assistance and benefits available for their online services in such a situation. First National Bank customer service number is as follows:

Customer Service Number: 800-423-7508

To change the PIN code, dial 866-297-3408

If you have lost or stolen your card, please call 866-604-0381.

Disputed Transactions – 800-906-0005

Direct connection from website 866-604-0380

Does this portal have a mobile application?

Yes, there is a mobile application. Using the app, users can view their credit card statements with just one click at

How come MyCardStatement doesn’t work every time?

There is a possibility that MyCardStatement will not be available due to heavy traffic. If you face problems while accessing the account, you should log in during off-hours, such as midnight, to avoid this situation.